Maria Erdelyi – Toronto, Canada to Budapest, Hungary


Moving from Toronto, Canada to Budapest, February of 2018, I was confident that Eva would find an ideal apartment for me. I knew she was very experienced in luxury real estate sales in Toronto, therefore I placed my trust in her. First we determined the location and the maximum purchase price, she advised me to purchase an apartment which needed renovation so that I would have a customized new apartment to suit my needs and my furnishings shipped from Toronto. She was searching and inspecting properties before showing me the perfect apartment to renovate, well under the maximum purchase price to accommodate the renovation costs. Through her connections, Eva highly recommended a contractor whom we waited for a couple of months but once they started, the renovation was progressing efficiently, the trades were very professional, producing quality detailed work. Eva managed the renovation project, including every detail of selecting all the finishes, keeping in mind the comfort level, style and colour of my furniture in storage. When my furniture arrived, I was so happy, the colours and style of my existing furniture fit so perfectly with my apartment renovation. It was amazing to see my paintings I owned for over 30 years hanging in this new environment.
Thank you Eva for all the attention to detail and valuable recommendations and referrals you provided me. You made the process really stress free and for my maximum purchase price I have a new quality renovated apartment.