Lónyay utca
Open plan, two beds, two bathrooms and an office was the homeowners most important criteria. Therefore all the walls had to be removed and rebuilt to achieve this, with the exception of one structural wall. Over 100 year old buildings do have structural rules which have to be observed, in this building the kitchen and bathrooms must be constructed within the wet zones. The construction designer achieved this with a clever layout. As I managed this project on a daily bases as with all construction, many issues arise, therefore the construction team and I quickly resolved the issues. I selected quality finishes based on the owner's budget and desire for a soft grey and white pallet with added purple tones within the decorating finishes. Existing furniture which was shipped from Canada, however the colors were outdated, so reupholstering was a good choice, purchasing a few new pieces resulted in staying within the client's budget. Decorating pieces can always be collected and added anytime, but plumbing, electrical and construction details must be done correctly the first time.

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