Tátra utca
This client was moving from Toronto, Canada back to Budapest from where she left during the 1956 revolution. After having lived in Canada many more years then in Budapest she required a certain level of comfort, therefore the best solution was to customize an apartment so that she would be very comfortable. In addition, most importantly, all her furnishings would be moving with her and they had to fit into her new space. Keeping this in mind along with her budget and the location she desired, I found her a 38 square meter flat which needed renovation well below her purchase price, which then allowed for the rest of her budget to be spent on the renovation. She preferred a bright spacious, open concept living space rather than a very small separate bedroom. So we went to work removing walls, adding walls to enlarge the kitchen/bathroom and removing doors. The client loves the open space where she can move around so easily and all her sentimental furnishings are living with her in Budapest.

Before and After

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